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Scozzaro Law is your family's attorney. 
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Family Law and Divorce

Family Law requires skill, experience, and compassion.  If you find yourself facing divorce you may encounter issues involving child custody, support, property division, or even an interference with your business interests.  During this stressful time you need an experienced Alabama divorce attorney to provide counsel and advocacy.

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Contested Divorce

Our firm has extensive expertise handling Alabama contested divorce proceedings.  Among the diverse issues that require the skill possessed by our firm are custody, child support, visitation, alimony, complex property, and asset division.

Uncontested Divorce

Should you find your marriage beyond repair but you and your spouse are not wishing to engage in lengthy litigation, then you are seeking an Alabama uncontested divorce.  Our firm has experience handling uncontested divorces that range from the simple to the complex.

Post-Divorce Modification

The Final Decree may not always mean that your divorce is complete and will not end up in court.  Post-divorce modifications occur for various reasons including custody/visitation modification, child support modification, and even alimony modification.  You should always seek the counsel of an Alabama post-divorce modification attorney because a modification may only be granted when certain standards are met.  If you are facing or need your Alabama divorce modified, contact us today.

Post-Divorce Enforcement

The Final Decree or the Settlement Agreement from your Alabama divorce will have specific terms that both parties must follow.  However, if one party does not fulfill the terms of the Final Decree then the other party will have no option but to file an Alabama post-divorce enforcement action.  Termed a Rule Nisi, a post-divorce enforcement action can seek sanctions ranging from civil and criminal contempt to interest payments that are added to principle unpaid child support or alimony orders.  Our staff can answer your questions regarding any Alabama post-divorce enforcement issue.